20 Finger Mehndi Designs – 2017 (For All Occasions)

Finger Mehndi Designs are the latest rage as they make you look fashionable and glamorous. With a little effort and creativity, you can get an elegant look for your beautiful hands. Our collection of 20+ spectacular Finger Mehndi Designs look trendy & alluring. They prove to be a really brilliant substitute for rings and bracelets, which are such a hassle anyway. And guess what, you can change the designs so often 🙂

Don’t worry about how it will look when it fades. I’ve got your back for that. Just read through this article on – How to remove Mehndi quickly. Doesn’t the future look beautiful now?

Just take a look at these Finger Mehndi Designs now!

Finger Mehndi Designs For You

1 – This is an easy to create, simple enough flower based design. It is extremely attractive and leaves the space for a ring or two empty. Kids love to apply Mehendi on their little and cute palm, this Mehendi design is perfect for them as well.

finger mehndi designs

2 – This one is an Arabic mehndi design. It is one of the most popular designs. It has beautiful rings on all fingers and especially one that stands out on the middle finger of the left hand. You can find more Arabic Mehndi Designs on this article here.

3 – The next design is quite unique for what part of your fingers it uses. If you are a working professional, you can use this design and enjoy your Mehndi while not even raising too many eye-brows in the office. It is elegant and makes you look really trendy.


4 – This next design is a very new design. It can be done with or without the centre piece. The intricate work around the nails accentuates the beauty of your slender fingers. Also, look at the flowers on the wrist. They enhance the beauty of your wrist and make it look sensuous.

5 – An extremely simple, almost invisible pattern. This is best for someone who likes minimalistic designs or in case you are looking to just please someone by doing a little Mehndi (Read Moms :D). As simple as it might be, this design intricate in how the 3 dots vary in size on each finger.


6 – Life is a bed of roses and so can be your hands. A beautiful design that will certainly make people turn around and look at your. You may choose to keep it only on the fingers and cap it off at each finger’s end with the wrist design. Another unique variation would be do this only on one finger keeping the rest of the design intact.

7 – This design treats your 2 fingers as one and carves a beautiful, intricate yet sophisticated design for anyone’s tastes. It is not extremely simple to make given the intricacies on the curves of the finger but it definitely is worth the effort. Look at the leaf design capping the bottom which adds a zing to the entire package.

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8 – This one is a Mehndi design for women who like less effort and yet brilliant results. Loved by all, it is symmetric at very minute levels and has a beautiful geometric design. It genuinely makes it easy for your hand to stand out with this design.

9 – This next one is like an elaborate tattoo. Use this as an inspiration to tell your own story. It is perfect for EID or Ramzan. This design can also be tailored to suit some Hindu festivals. It goes very nicely with long nails. The darker the shade of the Mehndi, the better will this design look. You can check the video at the bottom for quick tips on how to make Mehndi darker.

10 – This design has multiple ringlets that will make your fingers look beautiful for many days! It’s symmetry is it’s beauty!


11 – The next design is for those who want to really make their hands the talk of the town. Inspired by Arabic and Rajasthani styles, this is a unique blend of intricacy and elegance. This design doesn’t even need you to wear a ring. A very classy bracelet would look perfect with this!

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12 – The next design has 3 rings on one of the hands while the rest of the design is meant to emulate traditional bridal jewellery. But it a million times better than the jewellery. Simple because it is less cumbersome and more beautiful compared to jewellery. Try out this design inspired by the Moroccan style!

13 – To create an intrigue about your fingers and to excite your man about holding them, try this next design. It works, I assure you 🙂 It is combination of net and ring designs with small leafs. The Mehndi coloured Nail paint makes the entire design look even more beautiful.

14 – The simplicity of this next design is it’s beauty. It is classy and would go best with some traditional clothing. Do notice the dots at the tip of the fingers and the width of the different lines in the middle. It is this attention to detail which makes this design stand out.

15 – Another elegant design drawing it’s inspiration from Punjabi Mehndi Designs. This design has an ornate symmetric structure on each finger along with beautiful nail paint. It is best for those who have slightly plump fingers so that there is enough surface area for the design to blossom.

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16 – The next one is inspired by Arabic designs. It will ensure that everyone relooks at your beautiful hands. A design that can be used for children and also young women, it is pretty and will good well with a wrist watch or a single bangle. You can even use this for EID.

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17 – Is fashion your attitude? The next design is only for the glamorous ones! It has the perfect blend of bling and traditional design. A combination beautiful gems on the tips, pierced finger nails and elegant Mehndi Design, it is a design for the bold women who love flaunting their fashion.

18 – A very symmetric pattern meant for women with a fine taste. It is well complimented by the design on the wrists and focuses on making the entire palm look gorgeous. While other designs require a good nail art to go with, this one does fine even without one. Less effort, you see?

19 – Creativity in traditionalism is what being a modern Indian woman is about. And this next design is meant to really bring out your personality! Doing Mehndi on the finger tips has been a very old custom but this design brings a unique twist to the custom by making the leaf patterns in the middle of it.

20 – The next one is amongst my favourites. It is a brilliant blend of design and sensuality. Each finger is unique and it treats them exactly the same way. You will also see a very unique nail art design that complements the design and makes it stand out.

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Also, I suggest you look at this video to understand how to darken you Mehndi colour. After all, finger Mehndi looks so beautiful if it’s dark.

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The brain and heart behind this initiative is this woman who understands Indian culture and tradition in it’s true depth. She has participated in all kinds of weddings, and enjoys Mehndi as the best function of any marriage ceremony across all cultures!

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