EID – Latest Arabic Mehndi Design Images 2017

EID is here! The festival brings with it a lot of good will, happiness, food and celebrations. And Mehndi is one of the most crucial parts of the entire celebrations. All women are expected to apply Mehndi on EID and look beautiful. I have curated here some of the best Arabic Mehndi Design Images that are extremely popular worldwide. These are best suited for EID Mehndi Designs and can be used by people of any age whatsoever.


These designs are easy and can be done by anyone at all. These Arabic Mehndi also play a key role in a wedding festivities and a bride is incomplete without Mehndi. The bridal Mehndi is different in style from what the others get done, and the brides’s arms, legs and feet are all covered. Every woman desires to use lovely Arabic Mehndi designs on her hands at weddings and other festivities like Eid.


As you will see in most arabic mehndi designs, they are intricate, and not as full as Indian Mehndi Designs. They look beautiful on slender fingers, and you MUST go for some classy nail art with mehndi designs if you’re headed to a wedding or grand function. You can see some really good designs on this article.

Arabic Henna is usually more dark than the Indian version of henna. Commonly found in UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other middle eastern countries. However, beware of the chemically laced ‘black cones’ available in the market. They usually cause harmful side-effects like skin allergies and dermatitis.

  1. The first design on our list is an intricate yet elaborate design that is so trendy that it has been a rage in 2017. It is best suited for newly weds in a family celebrating their first EID 🙂

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 1

2. The 2nd one is a leg design that almost becomes your beautiful footwear. Who doesn’t want such pretty footwear, right? The bail in the design is influenced by Arabic Mehndi Design Images while the rest is influenced by Pakistani Mehndi Designs.

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Arabic Mehndi Design Images 2

3. This next design is a finger design with a typical Arabic Bail. This is a kid friendly design. It is best for those who do not have much time but still can’t be without Mehndi on EID.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 3


4. This design is a temptingly simple finger only design that will make you look classy. It only fills up your fingers and hence is best for working women, children and school going girls. It will most definitely set you apart from the crowd if worn with the good bracelet.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 4

These Arabic Designs need not always be very complex, it can also be simple and light. The below arabic mehndi design image is one such example of elegance and richness. You can find more such easy arabic mehndi designs.

5. This next Design is a special finger design with complimentary wrist. It makes a beautiful slender hand look even more beautiful with the best designs you can see.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 5

6. This design is perfect for the upcoming festivities like Eid. It has an Indian flavour to it through the bail and flowers intertwined. It will look best on anyone who is a Mehndi fan.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 6

7. The Arabic style of applying mehndi is free flowing in nature and majority of designs comprise patterns of leaves, vines, birds and flowers. Same is the case with the next design. It looks classy, intricate and is best for a smart, independent woman. Be Beautiful with these Arabic Mehdni Design Images!

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 8


8. This design is amongst my favourite and the latest ones. It is a beautiful mix of Arabic and Pakistani designs! It has a distinct religious feel to it and will go beautifully with a nice nail art.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 9

9. This 9th design on the list is amazing in the way it uses the opening of the cone to vary the stroke width. It lends a very unique, never-seen-before look to this design.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 10

10. The next one is a typical finger design with each finger getting it’s due attention. It also has a huge Islamic influence and is best for EID festivities.

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Arabic Mehndi Design Images 11

11. Arabic Mehndi designs are often chosen by women who like to go minimalist and that’s the reason for their mass popularity! The next design is just like that.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 12

Tempted to apply this design on your hands, order you Mehndi cones right away.


12. The next design can be a really good candidate for a wedding function. It will look beautiful on a slender hand. Again this is best suited for a newly married who is celebrating the first EID with her new family.

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 13

13. This design is a very trendy take on the typical Bail designs on Arabic influence. It is intricate everywhere right upto it’s tail. This is certainly my favourite and the best design I have seen anywhere. It will look beautiful on anyone who wants to apply it!

Arabic Mehndi Design Images 14

14. This last design best suits young girls who want to look trendy. The match nail art with the Mehndi makes it a complete package that you can flaunt on those Snap stories or your Instagram!

Arabic Mehndi Design Images
If you are one of those who like bling, then the glitter, sparkle and gem work mehndi will help add glamour to your design. We have curated some glitter mehndi designs that will help you shine!

If you like the designs we have curated, do share these with your friends. Also, comment below to share your favourite choice.

Images Sources: Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Getty Images

The brain and heart behind this initiative is this woman who understands Indian culture and tradition in it’s true depth. She has participated in all kinds of weddings, and enjoys Mehndi as the best function of any marriage ceremony across all cultures!

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