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write for usAt DesignMehdni we encourage one and all to share their views, expert advice and stories around fashion and beauty. As long as your article can provide some real value to our readers we are more than happy to publish on our site.


Who can write for us?

  • Freelance writers looking for monetary compensation
  • Blog/Website owners looking for SEO backlinks
  • Fashion and beauty enthusiasts looking to build brand

For all of the above, we publish a small bio of the author at the end of the article.

What topics are we open to you writing about?

We are open to articles on fashion, styling, nail art, body art and any other beauty related topics. We are also open to beauty product reviews with legitimate videos and images.

What can you expect in return for an article?

  • We are open to remunerate INR 150-300 based on quality of article OR
  • We can provide ONE backlink to your website/blog for a guest post OR
  • We can share your article/profile on our social media platforms

What are the requirements for an article to get published on our site?

  • We accept only unpublished and original articles. Once the article is published on our site, you can NOT post it anywhere else. BUT, you’re allowed to share it social media platforms.
  • You should structure your article as clearly as possible – Use bullets, subheads and lists.
  • Avoid using language that is too formal or technical. Not all readers understand some of the technical topics you want to discuss. If you have any ideas that might be rather technical, explain them in a clear manner before using those terms. Also please DO NOT submit shorthand or SMS language articles.
  • An article must be of 700 words or more.
  • Please do run your article through a grammar checker like grammarly.com
  • Please also submit a 2-3 line bio with an image and your social media handles. DO NOT add any links to the bio.

What images can you use in your article?

  • You can add images to your work to make it more vibrant. They may also illustrate some of your points.
  • Please ensure you use images that you own rights to or images with reuse license from websites like flickr.com. In any case, do mention source for every image.
  • Any image you add must be of high-resolution quality. Check on how well your image looks in many size formats so you can see what it may look like on a mobile device as well as a larger desktop computer.

How soon can you expect to be published?

We will be quality checking your article on originality, value to reader, copy and images used. Given we are very stringent about the quality of articles that are published on our website, we take a few days to thoroughly verify the content submitted. Expect to hear from us within 5-7 working days. Once published, we shall surely share the link with you.

We will have the right to edit your work after you have submitted it to us. You can submit your interest or articles by clicking here.

For any other partnerships or queries at [email protected]